State Advocacy

In 2020, our priorities on behalf of hospitals and health systems, patients and the health of all New Mexico residents are:

Medicaid durability
Advocate for robust Medicaid funding that maximizes matching opportunities and enhances provider reimbursement and timely payments, recognizing that hospi­tals are "Always There - Ready to Care".

Healthcare workforce gains
Advance policies that increase access to healthcare practitioners throughout our state, especially in rural areas (i.e. loan-for­ service programs, rural provider tax cred­ its, expanded nursing and physician residency programs, career pathway pipeline programs starting in middle school through to community colleges, four-year colleges and beyond), and strong recruitment and retention programs and policies.

Infrastructure investment
Promote investment in our hospitals though capital outlay funding. Hospitals need up-to-date facilities and equipment to provide the quality care New Mexico residents need and deserve in their home communities.

Behavioral health advancement
Support enhanced funding for behavioral health facilities, programs, providers and services. Hospitals stand ready to partner with others to stem our state's behavioral health crisis. Read our behavioral health policy brief (February 2020) pdf. 

Data-informed policy
Advocate for a more comprehensive, statewide workforce analysis which includes both supply and demand information.

Medical malpractice stability
Protect hospital participation in the Medi­cal Malpractice Act and Patient Protection Fund.

Quality healthcare
Promote an environment that cultivates our gains in quality, patient safety and positive clinical outcomes, via innovation and evidence-based best practices. Learn about the additional program work our hospitals are doing to improve outcomes in maternal health: maternal health policy brief (January 2020) pdf).