NMHA Auxiliary/Volunteer Services

Throughout New Mexico, volunteers contribute their time, skills, love and money to further the healing missions of our community hospitals. Auxiliary and Volunteer Service organizations throughout the state provide comfort and assistance to patients and families, scholarships to students interested in healthcare careers, help and rewards to stressed-out staff and funding and equipment for hospital improvements that benefit whole communities and improve the health of New Mexico. 

Thirteen individual hospital Auxiliary/Volunteer Service organizations representing more than 700 volunteers currently participate in NMHA's statewide program as well. NMHA works to develop educational, networking and honorific opportunities in support of these inspiring members and their work.  To learn more and get involved, contact your local hospital directly or contact Andrea Lohse,  alohse@nmhsc.com.

The NMHA State Auxiliary/Volunteer Service will gather by virtual meeting in autumn (date TBD) of 2020 to:

  • Transition from the leadership of President Delilah Pacheco to President Gregg Ferran
  • Elect and welcome members of the 2021 Board
  • Honor those lost in the 2019-2020 year