NMHA offers four types of memberships, listed below. To receive more information on joining NMHA, please contact Kandace Northness:

Institutional Voting Members

Includes New Mexico licensed acute inpatient, specialty or general hospitals and health systems and other qualified health care institutions as determined by the Board. View our member hospitals.

The dues formula is based upon Medicare cost report expenses. Institutions who do not complete a Medicare cost report but who are eligible for voting membership shall be assessed dues based on the size and type of facility. Institutional Voting Member Application (pdf)

Allied Organization Members

Includes health care institutions, other than those who qualify as institutional voting members, including but not limited to, long-term care facilities, primary care, home care and rehabilitation facilities, residential treatment facilities, non-New Mexico institutions, government facilities, including Indian Health Services, Department of Health and Public Health Service providers, and insurers, health maintenance organizations and managed care organizations.

Dues are based upon factors such as size of facility. Allied organizations are eligible for membership as Institutional Voting Members upon approval by the Board and payment of the dues required by institutional members. Allied organizations are non-voting members. Allied Organization Member Application (pdf)

Affiliated Organization Members

Affiliated organization members are non-voting members. Affiliated Organization Member Application (pdf)

Affiliated Health Professional Group Members

Affiliated professional members are non-voting members. Affiliated Professional Group Organization Application (pdf)